Cils en grappe de cils individuels ultra épais de Beautizone



Application:1: Separate you own lashes slightly by applying a lightweight mascara.2: Handle individuals with a slanted tip tweezer and dab on a pinhead of glue.3: Gently tap lash to your palm to remove excess glue, then allow adhesive to partially dry by fanning for 5-7 seconds.4: Position false lashes at the root of your natural ones. Apply from the outer eye, three quarters of the way at the centre of eye.Care & Cleaning:1: Cleaning them is easy, All you need is a little gentle cleanser, some combing and a good drying technique.2: Wash your lashes with Luke warm water.3: Avoid Cotton pads or wipes.Removal:Apply eyelash remover until lash glue dissolves and lashes are safely removed.

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